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American Innovations, Inc.
Chestnut Ridge, NY
Tel: (845) 371-3333
8(a) & HUBZone Certified

GSA: GS-07F-5556P

Cage Code: #1BUP8
Security Assessments, Security Gaps, Security Solutions
DHS Advisory System
February 25 2021
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American Innovations (Ai) specializes in Anti-Terrorism (A-T) Solutions including detection of homemade explosives (HME) precursors and explosives detection. Our A-T Solutions and Train the Trainer (T3) training classes are used by military Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and non-EOD personnel, civilian bomb technicians, and Police worldwide.

Terrorism has no boundaries; Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs) were used in more than 100 countries in 2013. Terrorism is surging because the Homemade Explosives (HME) Precursors (aka bomb making ingredients) used in IEDs are low cost, obtainable, and easily converted into a wide variety of bombs. HME is successfully being used against Military, Police, Civilians and critical infrastructure with devastating results.

American Innovations (Ai) technologies and T3 training classes are reducing casualties, increasing mobility, and enhancing trust between security forces and civilians.

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