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HOMEMADE EXPLOSIVES - Informative Handout

Ai Publications- June 2014
By Grant Haber - VP, American Innovations, Inc.

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IEDs have become the Weapon of Choice by Terrorists and
Groups waging asymmetric warfare.

The use of IEDs is steadily increasing and proliferating worldwide for two very simple reasons. First and foremost, the HME Precursors (aka bomb making ingredients) needed to construct IEDs are inexpensive to acquire, easy to obtain, and can be converted into a wide variety of Improvised Explosives Devices.

HME precursors converted into explosives and incorporated into IEDs are extremely effective. They have been successfully used against the military, police, security forces, civilians or high profile facilities around the globe with devastating results.

Nitrate Fertilizers and Potassium Chlorate represent 93% of the Homemade Explosives (HME) Precursors used in Afghanistan today. These ingredients are being used in IEDs worldwide.

American Innovations provides capabilities to deter detect and interdict the HME precursors used in most IEDs to date. Disarm your enemies.

IEDs have become the Weapon of Choice by Terrorists and Groups waging asymmetric warfare. Nitrate Fertilizers and Potassium Chlorate represent 93% of the Homemade Explosives (HME) Precursors used in Afghanistan today. These ingredients are being used in IEDs worldwide.

Simple to Use and Highly Effective!

A bulk material identification kit capable of bridging literacy gaps with picture instructions. Detection of the Nitrates and Chlorates (oxidizers) are now possible in seconds without false alarming on legal fertilizers or other non- HME bulk materials. (33 tests)

Four step process with instructions card included in 25 languages.

Equipping and training a standard issue tool to interdict bulk HME precursors will reduce casualties.

Who Owns Slowing the Flow of Nitrate based Fertilizer and Potassium Chlorate?

The key ingredients (strong oxidizers) used to make HME for a IEDs main charge.

In the past 13 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, The DOD with JIEDDO in the lead spent over $20 billion on devices such as robots, mine rollers, electronic jamming devices and countless other attempts at defeating the device (IED). With many Officers in command, the USA employed different strategies to reduce the effects of IEDs at the tactical to strategic level from counterinsurgency (COIN) to “Attack the Network” within C-IED. These capabilities and strategies have not halted the fear from a mental threat, or slowed execution of these attacks, or significantly degraded the “networks” involved.

A quick and cost effective answer to reduce IED events, fatalities, and casualties is a simple to use, battlefield proven, and multiple use (33 tests) kit that identifies the key ingredients used to make Homemade Explosives (HME). IEDs have proliferated into 111 countries, and every COCOM is encountering them. With HME use expanding, every soldier must be trained and equipped to identify these bomb making ingredients.

One of the most significant issues in the war against IEDs remains identifying and controlling access to the components that make up an IED (Switch, Initiator, Main Charge, Power Source, Container and Enhancements). While IEDs can be made from just about anything, the HME ingredients used for decades in main charges are Nitrate based Fertilizer and Potassium Chlorate. These low cost, easy to obtain oxidizers are simple to convert into HME, and lethal when mixed with a fuel and detonated.

With minimal training, no power needed, and a 25 language picture instructions card to bridge literacy gaps and unite nations worldwide against this enduring threat, the American Innovations Ai-HME-001 Bulk HME Detection kit should be in the hands of all United States, Coalition, and Host Nation Forces. Detecting and differentiating in 10 seconds, the commonly used bomb making ingredients from other materials used for legitimate purposes is vital for trust building, force protection, and freedom of mobility.

Countering the HME threat cannot be exclusively for EOD MOS and/or any other specialized units/troops/institutions/organizations, etc. It requires support from All boots on the ground, whether MPs, SOF, infantry, K-9, or any other member of whatever MOS finds themselves on the ground - in a convoy, on ECP, VCP, HVT and/or cache raids, search ops, preventive area/venue search prior to VIP visits/meetings, etc.

Anyone with combat experience will tell you that those specifically trained for a mission or skillset are often not the ones forced to carry it out in time of crisis. Unfortunately, EOD personnel or members of other explosives-related expertise (MOS) are rarely the first ones to come across bomb making ingredients or its converted HME. It is soldiers with little or no explosives knowledge serving alongside partner nations.

In today’s economic times, foreign assistance cannot be indefinite. Leading by example and empowering host nation military and police forces to proactively disarm enemies helps propel National Security objectives, reduce casualties and saves money.

Grant Haber has been involved with explosives detection, blast mitigation, and bomb containment technologies since 1998, and serving the law enforcement/ first responder community since 1995. As VP of American Innovations, Inc. (Ai) Mr. Haber works with government and military labs, military EOD, civilian bomb squads, explosives manufacturers, subject matter experts, and elected officials to ensure the materiel solutions and train the trainer programs developed by Ai will effectively Counter current and evolving IED threats..



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