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ARMY Infantry at Fort Benning receive XD-2i Explosives Detector Demonstrations

September 22, 2009 (Fort Benning, GA)
-On September 22,23 of 2009, American Innovations, Inc. was proud to support the CENTCOM Commander, General Petraeus among other dignitaries and the men and women of the US Army Infantry at the Infantry Warfighter Conference in Fort Benning, GA.

Michelle Gordon writer for the Infantry Warfighting Conference points out that at the end of General Petraeus address, the General reminded the audience of nearly 2000, “that at the end of day it’s all about the Soldiers who continue to raise their right hands and re-enlist, despite having already completed three or four combat tours. They do so because they are committed to something larger than self and they enjoy the privilege of doing so alongside others who share the same belief.” American Innovations respects the service of our Soldiers and appreciates the sacrifices our Soldiers and their families make for our country. Doing more and better when it comes to serving the needs of our Soldiers, remains our commitment.

Officers and enlisted personnel received demonstrations of the XD-2i, verifying its ability to detect commercial, military, and homemade (HME) explosives quickly and effectively, safely and in a small, lightweight device. Many shared experiences from the war zone where such a system would have saved lives and assisted them in interdicting bomb makers and identifying evidence of IED manufacture, storage, and transport. Others were amazed at how easy the XD-2i was to operate and how much more capability the XD-2i offered over equipment they had used previously. The Infantry Warfighter conference was an excellent exchange between soldiers and industry, enabling personnel from American Innovations to learn from soldiers and gain a better understanding of their needs and challenges.

Soldiers were able to leave the conference with instruction on how to best describe this explosives detection capability and where to request this technology for use within their own units when they rotated back to theater. An electronic brochure, technical data, and independent test reports were emailed to every soldier who requested additional information. Soldiers, be safe and thank you for your service and continued sacrifices.


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