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XD-2i Meets Challenges at International IABTI Bomb Technician’s Training Conference

June 14, 2009 (Palm Springs, CA) -
On June 14-18 2009, American Innovations, Inc. continued its participation in and support of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI) Annual International In-Service Training Conference and Expo. The annual IABTI conference is an opportunity to meet with explosives professionals and bomb technicians from around the world who come to the international IABTI annual conference to learn and share latest methods, tools and techniques with other IABTI members and bomb technicians.

IABTI conference attendees not only received live demonstrations, verifying the ability of the XD-2i explosives detector to detect all commercial, military and homemade explosives, trace and bulk, but were invited to challenge the system with any articles they chose. Hands, jackets, uniforms, knives, IDs, wallets, tools, cell phones, and other articles were sampled, and the XD-2i performed each and every time above and beyond expectations. Local bomb squads set up challenges where trace explosives were transferred from surface to surface and even person to person, demonstrating the ability of the XD-2i to detect invisible explosives residue and contamination as well as enable the operator to identify the explosive or explosives compound present.

This highly qualified audience was most interested in the ability of the XD-2i Portable Explosives Detector to detect the full spectrum of commercial, military and homemade improvised explosives in a single test, with no warm-up, no calibration, and no clear-down requirements. Several attendees who were customers lent their personal testimony and experience to the spec’s provided by American Innovations on the XD-2i.

American Innovations continues to work with Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams and Bomb Squads from around the world, delivering XD-2i systems and specialized training to help meet and defeat the IED challenge wherever it is found. We remain committed to supporting the IABTI community, staying on top of the latest explosives threats and continuing to improve our system, training and techniques as needed to combat evolving explosives threats.


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