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XD-2i Explosives Detector at JIEDDO Technology Outreach Conference

May 4, 2009 (Huntington Beach, CA) -
On May 4-7 of 2009, American Innovations, Inc. was invited to participate in and demonstrate the explosives detection capabilities of the XD-2i at the Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) Technology Outreach Conference (JTOC) in Huntingdon Beach, California. The goal of JIEDDO at the JTOC conference is to stay ahead of a highly adaptive, cunning adversary by bringing together leaders in government and industry to tackle the complex scientific challenges of defeating improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

American Innovations, Inc. met with many of the world’s top experts in the IED defeat community, exchanging information, ideas and presenting the broad capabilities and applications of the XD-2i explosives detector, both domestically and in theatre. Having previously worked with and engaged countless Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines serving in OEF and OIF and other areas of conflict, the JIEDDO conference was extremely productive. Understanding the threats and needs ahead of JTOC enabled us to speak knowledgably with and bring value to the experts within JIEDDO and those that support their missions.

Of greatest importance to many in attendance was how the XD-2i explosives detector can effectively detect HME (homemade explosives) and improvised explosives, along with the full spectrum of commercial, military and homemade improvised explosives in a single test. Additional identification and confirmation capabilities specific to in theater use were also discussed and demonstrated.

American Innovations respects the work of JIEDDO and remains committed to helping them, our warfighters, and all agencies and concerns in the fight against IEDs and the terrorists who employ them. In addition to making positive contributions toward explosives detection and detection of devices, the XD-2i is ideal for attacking the network of bomb makers that store, manufacture, assemble, transport and/or emplace IEDs.


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