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NY Airport Beefs Up Security with XD-2i Explosives Detector and K-9 Team

January 16, 2010 (Elmira, NY)
- As reported in The Corning Leader news, the Chemung County Sheriff’s Department in Elmira, NY recently introduced its two newest tools to counter anyone attempting to smuggle explosives through the Elmira-Corning regional airport - the XD-2i Portable Explosives Detector by American Innovations, Inc. and K-9 Chase.

K-9 Chase, his handler Deputy Dean Frisbie and the XD-2i explosives detector are assigned primarily to the airport. The K-9 team and the XD-2i are explosives detection force multipliers that provide the ability to detect all commercial, military and homemade explosives on persons, items, baggage, vehicles and anywhere else they may be found, whether trace (invisible microscopic) or bulk (visible); wet, dry or liquid; and whether they are mixed with other substances meant to conceal their presence.

Explosives detection initiatives have been stepped throughout the country since the attempted “Christmas Day Terrorist Attack” on Northwest flight 253.

The K-9 Chase and the XD-2i are on call 24 hours and are available to any law enforcement agency in the southern tier. This level of capability is extraordinary for airports the size of the Elmira-Regional airport, and marks a significant enhancement in proactive security measures at the airport and surrounding communities. American Innovations commends Chemung County on their proactive security initiative.

This lightweight, fast, and easy to use explosives detector is the perfect complement to K-9 bomb detection teams. The XD-2i has been deployed at other US airports in this combined capacity, and is also supporting military missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other areas of conflict. Government agencies at federal, state, city, and county levels throughout the United States are also using the XD-2i for varying explosives detection missions. Bomb dogs are highly mobile, sensitive, and have the ability to track the scent of explosives to its source. The XD-2i is the perfect complement because it can rapidly, reliably and accurately detect the presence of that explosive on virtually any surface and enable the operator to identify what explosives have been detected so “render safe” procedures can be tailored to the specific material found.

These powerful new counterterrorism measures were paid for by Chemung County and a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. American Innovations, Inc. will be providing specialized training to members of the Chemung County Sheriff’s department to maximize the benefits the XD-2i will be providing for their explosives detection missions.


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