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January 27 2021
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1122 "Counterdrug" Program

GSA customers can order security products through American Innovations GSA contract GS-07F-5556P, through GSA advantage, GSA 1122 program, GSA disaster recovery program or by calling American Innovations at (845) 371-3333.

This program is for purchasing equipment for counterdrug activities. Participate in the State and Local Law Enforcement Equipment Procurement Program -- the "1122 Program".

Section 1122 of the Fiscal Year 1994 National Defense Authorization Act established the authority for state and local governments to purchase law enforcement equipment through federal procurement channels, provided that the equipment is used in the performance of counterdrug activities. The authority for the "1122 Program" resides with the Department of Defense. The U.S. Army, as the Executive Agent of the program, has formed a steering committee consisting of representatives from the General Services Administration (GSA), the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), and the Department of Justice (DOJ). Under the provisions of the statute, GSA is responsible for the development of a catalog, which not only explains the 1122 Program, but also delineates those products which may be procured under the program.

Each state participating in the 1122 Program designates a State Point Of Contact (SPOC) to administer the state's activities under the program, by validating the counterdrug mission of each procurement request, and ensuring the availability of funds. To date, forty-five (45) states have elected to participate in the 1122 Program.

With the approval of the Executive Agent, GSA has approved certain equipment included in GSA Schedules and the purchase of motor vehicles under the program. Refer to the list of available equipment page.

The State Points Of Contact (SPOCs) are responsible for receiving all orders from state and local law enforcement entities, and for determining that the items will be used for counterdrug activities. For items under Federal Supply Schedules, the SPOCs will send all orders directly to the Schedule contractor, payment will also be made directly to the Schedule contractor. Orders for the purchase of vehicles (except for the Command Centers on 23 V, which can either be placed directly with the contractor or forwarded to GSA) must be forwarded by the SPOC through GSA.

The 1122 Program is nonmandatory to both the SPOCs and the Schedule contractors, i.e. the contractors have the option as to whether to accept or reject an order from the SPOC.

American Innovations, Inc. participates in the 1122 Counterdrug Program for State and Local Law Enforcement which allows Law Enforcement agencies to buy at pre-negotiated low Government prices.

GSA's point of contact for this program is Ms. Zoe-Ann Freitag. Ms. Frietag's telephone number in Arlington, VA, is (703) 605-5742.

Please contact us for more information.

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